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An Idea Is Born

Many years ago, the late "Bill" William Gibbs and his coalition strived to turn Richard Allen Coalition Inc into a community center in Georgetown, Delaware when the kindergarten moved from the school. The district decided instead to utilize the school as an alternative school.

With the moving of the alternative school to Frankford, members of the community agreed that the school would be a perfect place for a community center. The group who formed the Richard Allen Coalition Inc. began working to have the school deeded to the Richard Allen Coalition,Inc. to be used as a community center and a facility to house historic artifacts of the African American community in and around Sussex County.

Through the coalition's tenacity and perseverance and with the help of Senator Brian Pettyjohn and Representative Ruth Briggs King, legislation was drafted allowing the Boys and Girls Club to transfer the school to the Coalition.

We received funding to begin the initial aspect of the restoration of the original section of the school. A planning committee has been formed and are meeting with Commonwealth Heritage Group, Inc. on the next phase of the restoration/utilization of the school.

Our Mission Statements

At Richard Allen Coalition Inc, we strive to achieve to following:

  • To preserve the history of public education of African-Americans in Sussex County, Delaware
  • To conserve the heritage and contributions of African-Americans in Delaware
  • To foster tolerance and a sense of community among all Sussex County residents
  • To inspire young people to continue the work for civil and human rights

Our Goals

  • To provide a space that will house the artifacts of the heritage of the African American community in Sussex County
  • To serve as a community center where educational programs and artistic events for people of all ages are held
  • Conduct workshops that provide young people with the knowledge of the past so they can understand the present and develop the skills to build a better future for themselves and their community

Founding Board Members

  • Jane Hovington
  • Darrell Melvin
  • Harry Crapper
  • Ira and Carolyn Roach
  • Louise Henry
  • Tony Neal
  • Ivan Neal
  • Christie Taylor
  • Betty Deacon
  • Cynthia Forman 
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